About Lynn

The mid-west was a fine place to grow up, because there was nothing else to do there except grow up.  Occasional trips into Chicago with my mother to see the ballet or go to a concert began a rich and exciting cultural life that continued to expand when I moved to New York.  From my mother I received a love of literature, painting, architecture, music. From my father I received a deep and abiding love of nature.  He taught me to walk through the woods without making noise.  He taught me to fly fish, to identify birds, to passionately love gardening,  the woods, the lakes, the mountains, and the sky.  Both gifts have become part of me, who I am.

All the many years I worked with children, teachers in training, and practitioners my love of cultural and natural experiences stayed with me.  Throughout my wonderful marriage, Reese and I shared those same gifts.  And as I proudly watch my two talented daughters grow into middle aged women,  I hope I have been able to share those loves with those with whom I have lived.


2 Responses to About Lynn

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Lynn, thank you for sharing your wonderful photography and thoughts with us. Truly awesome!!

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