Afterwords…….after words

My heart grows strong.

My heart grows healthy.

My heart is happy.

My heart is well.

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The Cape’s Colors, oak leaves, grey shingles, and mums



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Waiting for Winter

Patiently, the ice cream stand chairs wait for winter snows.   Already coated in white, they will be hidden.Image

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Mid-October on the Cape

ImageThe ice cream truck is covered; chairs are aligned to face the winter winds.  Cape Cod in mid-October.  Evidence of summer activities is transformed to “See You Next Season” signs on local produce stands.  Fewer footprints in the sand on the beach.  People walking dogs where they were forbidden during season.

As places close down and shutter up, the Cape opens its arms to its locals.


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Closing Out on Cape Cod

Closing Out on Cape Cod

The ubiquitous ice cream shops close in October. You can get great bargains on the end-of-season flavors, hand packed in pints or quarts.

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Cape Cod Churchyard in Autumn

ImageA West Yarmouth churchyard full of pumpkins….every autumn coloring the landscape.  Here on the Cape, the fall colors are muted, marshy, earthy tones.  But the pumpkins…..


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Cape Cod Fences

ImageThe beach fences of the Cape seem to be there to give the sand grains a place to gather, or something to talk about.  These wooden decorations give us something too,  a chance to get lost in their maze of shadows, shapes, trails.  To wander.

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